Quest giverEdit

Majerio in Glenfort Village


Progress, <NAME>! Beautiful progress! The Dimensional Analyzer was analyzing for about three seconds before powering down completely. Still, an improvement over not working at all! It appears that we will need a more potent batch of Enchanter's Flux to make this thing sing. If you could go collect these ingredients while i do some recalibration, we'll have this thing ready in no time! You can find the necessary ingredients in those incessant Incursions!


Find 3 Amber Flux

Find 3 Emerald Flux

Find 3 Indigo Flux


XP: 31740

Silver: 3750

Recipe - Quest: Dimensional Flux

Upon completionEdit

It appears we have everything we need at this point. This recalibration however is taking me longer than I expected, perhaps you'd be able to use this recipe to assist me further?

Leads toEdit

What the Flux! from Majerio in Glenfort Village


This quest is a long time sink. The fluxes drops more often in higher levels of the portals, so this might be a use for some energy potions.

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