When you have completed one of the Eldritch Symbols quests, this quest will become available at the Glenfort Temple,


By the realm! Do you know what this shard is? It is a piece of the fabled Amulet of Ironhaven - an ancient and powerful artifact! Treasure hunters throughout the ages have tried to find its broken pieces, but they are all well-hidden throughout Glenfort's five regions. Search for more treasure maps to find the other grottos, and when you have got all five shards, come back to see me so I may magically reforge the amulet.

Description on finishEdit

For the first time in a thousand years, the Amulet of Ironhaven can now be reforged! It was shattered by the Baron of Ironhaven himself, who once ruled these lands and subjugated our people. Rather than let it fal into his enemy's hands, he hid the pieces throughout the valley. Wait here a moment, and I will fuse the shards together once more. Wield this amulet wisely, <NAME>, for it is a powerful artifact that many have died over.


Find the Shard of Ironhaven in the Glenfort Plains: 0/1

Find the Shard of Ironhaven in the Ebian Forest: 0/1

Find the Shard of Ironhaven in the Cursed Quarry: 0/1

Find the Shard of Ironhaven in the Urgresh Mountains: 0/1

Find the Shard of Ironhaven in Lake Nithus: 0/1


XP: 3729

Silver: 2250

Amulet of Ironhaven (Rare Amulet, +56 Haste, Tier 7)

Precision Gem 3 (Augument Gem, +6 Crit Multiplier)

Sub questsEdit

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