Reach level 16

Quest giverEdit

Majeiro in Glenfort Village


Aha! As always, my friend, right on time! I could use some help. My new assistant has gone and gotten himself lost in the Urgresh Borderlands, and the fool took my only copy of the Minor Potion of Dodge recipe! And I have this new order to fill by tomorrow no less! Go find him and bring back my recipe!


Collect 10 Recipe Scraps: 0/10


XP: 2840

Silver: 1600

Recipe - Potion: Minor Dodge

Upon completionEdit

You've found it! Marvelous! And what? He's dead you say? Oh dear. Horrible tragedy, that... How will I possibly get this order made on time? Hmm, you've managed to follow instructions rather well thus far - how would you like to help me out?

Leads toEdit

A Dash of Daring from Majeiro in Glenfort Village