Thank the realm you've returned, <NAME>! The Rath'een are leading another attack on our village, and this time they've doubled their forces! While I lead the charge against their main forces, I need you to check on the villagers to make sure they're all right. You must protect our people, no matter what the cost!

Given By Edit



Clear out Old Man Aylwin's House: 0/1

Clear out the Bower's House: 0/1

Clear out the Godwin's House: 0/1


XP: 210

Silver: 450

Upon completionEdit

Aylwin is dead? The poor soul... nobody deserves such a fate. Sadly this is but a taste of things to come in these lands should the Rath'een be allowed to survive. Between the Rath'een attacks and further reports of the goblins mobilizing to the southeast, our troubles are only beginning.

Leads toEdit

Tunnel Rat