The Rath'een force coming up through the well is being led by a powerful Rath'een warlock - very dangerous creature, well-attuned to the dark arts. I'll assemble a group of my finest warriors and we will venture into the well to stop them before they can enter the village.


Defeat the Rath'een Warlock: 0/1


XP: 175

Silver: 200

When entering the Glenfort wellEdit

The twisting Rath'een tunnels quickly enveloped the group of warriors within an oppressive darkness, barely hiding the Rath'een menace that lay just beyond their torchlight. One by one, the warriors began to disappear, as if the darkness itself was swallowing them whole.

After turning a corner, <NAME> realized that Daedalus' group had completely disappeared. A piercing shriek carried through the tunnels at that moment, and the Rath'een began their attack!

Upon completionEdit

Excellent work. <NAME>! When I saw you'd been separated from the rest of us, I expected the worst. It seems my fears were unfounded! Unfortunately, the Rath'een will only return in greater numbers, and our baron, Lord Vander, has taken most of his soldiers with him on an ill-timed hunting trip to the north. If we're going to stop these attacks, we'll need to do it ourselves.

Leads toEdit

An Explosive Request