I've battled many terrible creatures, but the Rath'een were something else entirely. I fear they are planning something terrible for Glenfort. I will manage our defenses outside the village, but I need you to stay here in town. These Rath'een are diggers, and I fear they may try to burrow up from underground and suprise us.


Explore the Gibbons House: 0/1

Explore the Smithy's Forge: 0/1


XP: 96

Hero shields: 5

Silver: 160

Upon completionEdit

Good job clearing out those Rath'een, <NAME>. There were several groups of them outside the village as well. I will not deign to imagine they have a plan beyond pure destruction, but this advance does seem to indicate greater leadership in the ranks. Before the situation gets any worse, I'm sending you to the Temple to procure an elixir.

Leads toEdit

Divine Intervention