Those Rath'een did a number on some of Glenfort's houses, so Lord Vander sent a few folks out in the Ebian Forest to cut down new lumber for repairs. Just as they started, a group of goblins came out of the trees and started attacking them! Nobody was seriosly hurt, but they did leave their tools behind in the Deep Wood. If we're going to ever get back to rebuilding this village, we'll need those tools back.


Reclaim the Tree-Cutting Saw in the Deep Wood: 0/1

Reclaim the Tree Harness in the Deep Wood: 0/1

Reclaim the Lumberjack's Axe in the Deep Wood: 0/1


XP: 240

Silver: 500

Upon completionEdit

This is not good, <NAME>. The goblins in the Ebian Forest generally avoid humans, but now they're attacking anything that enters their territory. I fear the apperance of the Rath'een in Glenfort may have something to do with this. Before anything can be done, we'll need to learn more about the goblin situation in the Ebian Forest. Talk to my scout, Ember. She practices in the Archery Range just west of here.

Leads toEdit

A Friend in Need