Quest giverEdit

Majerio in Glenfort Village


There is but one final step to take before we can reclaim my staff and put a stop to this Sarkisian menace: you must slay Karnak! He's misused the power of my staff to turn himself into some kind of twisted god, and nothing good could ever come from that. End this, hero, before the situation gets worse!


Destroy Karnak


Silver: 4,050

Recipe - Empower: Karnak's Ring

Upon completionEdit

Karnak sneered at the adventurer, knowing that the final blow had been dealt. "Majerio never deserved this staff!" It hissed. "I used it to bring my people back from the dead, to create a new golden age for the Shattered Plane! You will only use this to destroy your world once more!"

The magical construct looked to the heavens, its eyes suddenly burning with an intense, white-hot light. In a blinding flash, Karnak disappeared, leaving behind Majerio's magical staff.

I do feel bad about sending you to slay Karnak, I really do. But I gave him the staff on the condition he protect it. Instead, he exploited its powers to his own ends. Oh well, pity. I do have some exciting news however! I believe that broken ring he dropped can be empowered using the Prismatic Flux and Gem recipes we discovered. Here are some instructions on how to craft such an item! But one more task before you go.

Leads toEdit


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