This is it, <NAME>! The Dragon Knights lost a handful of soldiers in the Glacial Drift, and they're asking me - and by me I mean you - to go in there and retrieve their ceremonial emblems and lost scouting reports! Obviously they see me as a dwarf they can depend on! So, can I depend on you to help? I can make it worth your while!


Collect 5 Dragon Emblems in the Glacial Drift within the Frozen Vale: 0/5

Collect 5 Knight's Reports in the Glacial Drift within the Frozen Vale: 0/5


XP: 9141

Silver: 2850

On completionEdit

Excellent job, <NAME>! They wouldn't have asked just anybody to venture into that Glacial Drift on a guaranteed suicide mission, so they most definitely trust me now. If that wasn't an indication, their next task proves it. What is this new task, you ask? Well, allow me to explain!

Leads toEdit

The Dragon's Helm

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