Quest giverEdit

Underwater Grotto in Lake Nithus


A massive stone door lies before you. No obvious keyhole is visible, but you see six round slots embedded in the door covering three separate seals, along with a strange riddle etched over a large map of Lake Nithus: "the key to this grotto is bound in hate, from six colored stones its rage shall abate. From Keepers of Gates, take two stones of blood. From the waterlogged lost, two stones of the flood. Two stones of yellow, from either foe slain. Then challenge the guardian, with origins arcane."


Finish the dungeon The City of Nithus and loot the item from the Rotting Golem


Use the treasure map to find the ancient door: 0/1

Find the items you need to break the first seal: 0/2

Find the items you need to break the second seal: 0/2

Find the items you need to break the third seal: 0/2


XP: 2700

Silver: 2100

Upon completionEdit

The six colored stones seem magnetically drawn into the slots within the door. After a moment, the door shakes, then slides open. Past the door, an ancient tunnel can be seen leading deep underground.


"Red Stone" drops from Gatekeepers in Helion Temple, The Darkened Shores or The Ghost Ship

"Blue Stone" drops from Waterlogged Corpses in for example: The Darkened Shores, Lake Nithus or The Kraken's Lair, The Cursed Quarry

"Yellow Stone" drops from Gatekeepers as well as Waterlogged Corpses in the above regions.

Leads toEdit

Access to ""Unlocked Grotto" in Lake Nithus, required for The Shards of Ironhaven