Our enemies do not come in waves - they are a flood threatening to drown all we know. To stand strong before them, we must be tireless! Sigils from Majerio's Shop will increase your energy, letting you fight longer. Continue earning Valor by fighting with your guildmates and use it to purchase the Squire's Sigil from the Special section in Majeiro's Shop.


Recieve rewards from 5 raids: 0/5

Purchase the Squire's Sigil: 0/1


XP: 5000

Gold shields: 25

Silver: 5000

Upon completionEdit

The Squire's Sigil you obtained will allow you to fight in more battles before needing rest. Continue to increase your energy with additional Sigils, and you will be well prepared for the trials ahead.

Leads toEdit

Nothing, at level 20

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