Quest giverEdit

Alador's Study in Glenfort Village


My name is Alador, and I've heard much of your exploits in this valley! Destroying Lord Helion was particulary impressive! Unfortunately, when you destroyed him, his magical power was scattered to the winds for any crackpot mage to steal, and I've been sent to contain it. Would you mind offering me some assistance? Take this soul catcher and use it to find clusters of Lord Helion's magical energies throughout the Isle of Nithus and Infested Coast.


Search the Isle of Nithus for 2 Pulsing Soul Fragments: 0/2

Search the Isle of Nithus for 2 Glowing Soul Fragments: 0/2

Search the Infested Coast for 2 Scorched Soul Fragments: 0/2

Search the Infested Coast for 2 Darkened Soul Fragments: 0/2


XP: 3390

Silver: 2250

Upon completionEdit

Not bad, <CLASS>. The soul catcher was unable to capture the remnants of Lord Helion's power, but the fragments you found in Nithus could potentially point us in the right direction. I can only assume his power has been absorbed elsewhere, but where and for what purpose I do not know.


Helion Temple

Leads toEdit

Helion's Sight from Alador in Glenfort Village

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