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A Stroll in the Swamp

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The Rath'een will attack quickly. We'll need to strengthen our position here as soon as possible, so I need you to clear out the nearby swamplands. There will be Rath'een Scouts, as well as other monstrosities, so be cautios out there.


Slay 5 Rath'een Scouts: 0/5

Slay 5 Bogworms: 0/5

Slay 3 Great Bogworms: 0/3

Slay 3 Plague Bats: 0/3


XP: 6920

Silver: 2000

Upon completionEdit

<NAME>! You're alive! I was worried you had... No, don't worry about me, it's Ember, <NAME>! Ember has gone missing. I sent her into the Ferndell Swamp on a routine scouting mission and she hasn't checked back in. By the Realm, it's happening all over again!

Leads toEdit

Retracing Steps

The Resistance

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